More about StaceyStacey Little

Stacey Little is a Certified Instructor by the Physicalmind Institute in New York and has been teaching since 2003. She holds a certificate in Safe Spine Alignment Technique by Rebecca Leone Education Conspiracy and is a Golf Conditioning Specialist trained by Michael Wright’s Golf Pilates in Washington D.C.  Stacey began her career in movement at the age of 7 when she took her first dance class.  As a native of South Florida Stacey completed her dance training and went on to perform with several dance companies as well as teaching master classes.  After years as a performing artist, she was introduced to Pilates by a fellow dancer and fell in love with the work.  She began taking as many classes as possible to learn as much about Pilates as she could and then earned her certification as an instructor. Stacey has been teaching for over 10 years and after extensive training in Pilates combined with her background in dance she brings a wealth of knowledge on movement to her clients.

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